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Lamphere Schools is pleased to introduce a new process for completing and submitting athletic health history (physical) forms required before participation, called Privit Profile. Privit Profile™ is compliant with international privacy laws, including HIPAA and COPPA, ensuring your child’s information is secure.

The major benefits of using Privit Profile™ are:

1. Simplifies the pre-participation process 

·Easy to complete the health history and all other forms on any smart phone, tablet, or computer.

· Review/Complete/Update the information at any time.

2. Improves Athlete Safety and Reduces Risks

·Comprehensive health history pinpointing any factors that might contribute to injury.

·Real time health information available on the sidelines.

3. Ensures Privacy and Availability of any Athlete's Health Information

· Accessible to only parents/guardians and authorized school personnel.

·Parents/Guardians and athletes can use completed information for other activities/organizations.


4. Using Privit Profile™ to manage your child’s health history information will be helpful in subsequent seasons because you will only have to update the information in Privit Profile™ as opposed to completing all the paper-based forms again.

If you have any questions regarding Privit Profile™, please contact PRIVIT Help Center, at 844-234-4357, Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST.

Our Fall Athletic Season starts in August, ALL athletes must have a completed physical and registration in PrivitProfile prior to any participation (including tryouts).  If you need assistance in registering and uploading your forms, please bring your COMPLETED physical form (with Doctor signature) to the B1 computer lab at Lamphere High School on August 5 at 6 pm.  We will have staff on hand to assist you. 

Blank MHSAA physical forms are available at the front desk at Lamphere's Administration Center (31201 Dorchester, Madison Heights, MI 48071) or available for download here >>MHSAA physical2page.pdf 

Getting started
Before completing the questionnaire, we recommend you have the following information on hand:

  • Family Medical History and Athlete's Medical History.
  • Athlete's Immunizations/Allergies/Medications Information.
  • Primary Health Insurance Information.

Steps to complete the athletic forms within Privit Profile™:

  1. Visit this website to register with one parent’s/guardian’s name >>
  2. Add athlete(s) to your account by selecting Add Member.
  3. Complete all necessary athletic forms and apply necessary parent/guardian and athlete e-signatures:
  • Personal Details (Complete to 100%)
  • Pre-Participation History (Parent/Guardian and Athlete e-signature required)
  • Information and Consent Form (Parent/Guardian and Athlete e-signature required)
  1. Join Appropriate Team(s)
  2. Print Blank Physical and Pre-Participation History Form for athlete’s physical. 
  3. Upload Completed Physical form

Once the required information has been completed and e-signatures have been applied to the necessary forms, the signed document will become available automatically for the Athletic Department review and approval. Also the Completion Status will read as “Submission Complete”. If the status reads “Submission Incomplete”, hover your cursor to see what still needs to be completed. 

If you need assistance with Privit Profile™, please contact the Help Center at 844-234-4357 or visit

For detailed instructions for each step listed above, please download the Privit Detailed Instructions.pdf 
Message from Russ McKenzie
Lamphere Athletic Director

Dear Lamphere Community,

High School sports were created to help students excel in academics and to expose young people to life lessons. As we watch our sons, daughters, friends and family compete we know not every game, call, or situation is going to go our way. We can rest easy because we know our student athletes will persevere and gain experience that will help them become productive members of tomorrow's society.

Let's keep high school sports in the right perspective and keep up the good work. The bar has been set high for another dynamic year in sports at Lamphere.

Go blue!
Russ McKenzie, Athletic Director
Lamphere High School

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